The project

The Agriresort Colle Della Pace srl, is an idea that comes from the love we have for our area. We want to share the wonder and pleasure of a hill of Peace, from products to services, trying to obtain sustenance in the most environmentally friendly, with maximum respect for the health of the land and of our customers.

Castelbuono is a small village in the municipality of Bevagna (city of Gaite), in the historic village reside five people, more or less. Over time, this place has become a symbol of silence, peace, respect for the environment and resilience. An annual initiative (Settimana della Cultura della Pace) organized by local associations, seeks to enhance these values and to keep alive this magical place, rich in history and tradition.

From this was born the project Colle Della Pace, for sharing and the enhancement of the values of a unique place, with full respect for the environment so all the estate's agricultural products are certified organic. Best wellness services products, using old remedies extracted from our olive oil, Elixir to welfare and power.

To make you live a unique experience we have recovered an old drawing of the apartments, which once raised domestic livestock we obtained valuable places with maximum comfort where besides lodging, we offer a moment of happiness with professionals specializing in oil therapy.

Thanks to our scenic location, the uniqueness of the natural surroundings and the tranquillity that reigns, Colle Della Pace is the ideal place to enjoy the small pleasures in life and get away from everyday stress. Coming here you will know all about the world of the countryside and you will see our olive groves and appreciate the loving care and the care with which they are treated (the estate has approximately ten acres of organic farmland), across from the famous Strada Dell'Olio and Sagrantino.

Peace Hill strategy position allows guests to reach Santa Maria degli Angeli, Assisi, Foligno, Bevagna and other small neighboring towns with great tourist offer, history, gastronomy and culture.